Profs. Barbera and Shaw awarded a $218,400 sub-grant

Profs. Joseph Barbera and Gregory Shaw have been awarded a $218,400 sub-grant applied research to develop and conduct a public health risk assessment for the CDC-defined Washington DC Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Prof. Francis awardedseed grant by DC Water Resources Research Institute

Prof. Royce Francis has been awarded a seed grant by the DC Water Resources Research Institute (DCWRRI) entitled "Integrated water use impact assessment for DC urban water infrastructure."

Prof. Santos receives $50,000 subcontract from ASME

Prof. Joost Santos recently received a $50,000 subcontract from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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The focus in Enterprise Information Assurance provides a systems engineering approach to implementing and managing effective information security and assurance in contemporary highly networked ente

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A patient sometimes waits days to receive a diagnosis after a trip to the doctor’s office or a patient testing service center. And for those suffering from time-sensitive health conditions, like heart attacks or strokes, a quick diagnosis could mean the difference between life and death.